We are so grateful to be the new owners of CrossFit Higley. This place has been our second home for a very long time and we have made so many special friendships since our 4 years of coaching here. This is a very major event in our lives and we would love for you all to be apart if our celebration. Even if you are not going to do a workout with us, just stop on by say hello to the new owners of CrossFit Higley.

Bring your family/friends or anyone who you think will have a good time. We will have a Beginners CrossFit Class at 8am for anyone who has never tried CrossFit and would like to see what its all about. Remember all workouts are scalable, it is part of our job to adjust any workout to fit your level. Don’t be intimidated, come experience what CrossFit is all about.

VENDORS: Lorna Jane (Womens Activewear), Scratch Culinary (Meal Prep), MomCorp.

If your company is interested in setting up a booth for our event. Please email:

Tyler Ellis and Sashia Ellis have been coaching CrossFit since 2011, and have been the head coaches at CrossFit Higley since 2015. Now they are officially owners and will continue to be the head coaches!